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Slow Computer?

Is your computer running slower than it was a few months ago?

Is it taking forever to start up Windows and applications that used to load in a flash seem slow and sluggish these days?

If so then you may wish to book a Computer MOT service with us.

We will arrange to pickup your PC and deliver it back to you within 48 hours with everything running as smoothly as possible.

The Computer MOT service includes the following work:

  • Install the latest drivers for your computer
  • Perform a full anti-virus scan of your hard disk drive(s)
  • Remove all adware and malware that will be slowing your PC down
  • Apply all the latest security patches for Windows to ensure your computer is protected
  • Defragment your hard disk and clean up any temporary files and folders
  • Update Internet Explorer to the latest version
  • Install Firefox web browser as an alternative to Internet Explorer
  • Remove non-essential start-up software to speed up your computer
  • Clean all air vents and fans to prevent over-heating
  • Remove unnecessary software (including any expired trials & demos etc)
  • Clean and valet your computer

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