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what we do for accountancy firms

It’s OK… We Speak Accountant!

If it was a language we would speak it!

While we are not accountants, we get what is important to you.  Today more than ever you need an IT provider who does more than just fix your issues.

Each year we deal with hundreds of accounting firms, which means we understand and use the same terminology that you do.This results in –

  • Faster Resolutions to your issues
  • Less Confusion – Stop explaining your software every time you have a problem
  • Complete Understanding Of Whats Important
  • Tailored Advice & Recommendations – You need an IT Partner who understands your industry and the changes that are occurring, so you can stay ahead of the game.

Applications we understand are:

  • PTP
  • BTC
  • Sage
  • Taxcalc
  • Microsoft Office

Let us show you a new way of working, using Microsoft Remote Desktop Services.


Once you have tested this method of access, you will never look back at the old ways you are used to working.

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