41 Gledhow Wood Road, Leeds, LS8 4BZ


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Mon-Fri 9:00 am to 6:00 pm


what we do

We do COMPUTING! That is a broad term, so if it involves a PC, Server, Storage, Cloud Technolgoies, Backups or Training, we do it.

We pride ourselves on being agile and responsive. We are not a huge company, that will not know who you are when you call with a problem. Being responsive is where we always win.

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What You Will Receive:

Great 1 to 1 service

Speak to us, email us, or ask us to meet face to face, we love talking to customers.

Cutting edge technology solutions

Using products like VMware vSphere, Microsoft HyperV and Cloud providers, we pick the right solution for your business.

Competetive pricing

We analyse the needs of your business, and tailor a solution around your business. You will get the biggest bang per buck as the american's say.

Simple english - we don't speak GEEK unless you want us to

Incremental backups, hypervisor multi tenant security, we can articulate the geeky words if you wish, or we can talk in simple English.

30 years plus worth of experience

Experience counts for everything, we will not start from basic's with your servers, as we have the knowledge to jump in at the specific issue.

Windows / Linux and Apple Supported

Being multi skilled is like having a Swiss Army Knife, we can find the right tool to fit your business problem, sometimes that means using things like Linux to get to the best solution.

meet our team

  • Asif Malik

    Asif started his IT career in the early 90's, selling PC hardware for a local…

  • Paul Watson

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  • Tom Nelson

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  • Richard Cox

    Richard's profile will be updated soon. Richard Cox is on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn

We Have More Than 30 years of Experience

Experience counts for more than anything, having seen an issue before helps resolve issues quicker, In the IT world, we have seen most of the problems your likely to encounter.

Experience has shown us that the data your business produces  is worth more the servers it's running on, protecting your files is what we do best.


Staff needing some training? We come from training backgrounds, being fluent in tech, and then simplifying it for staff is one of our key strengths. We have taught many IT professionals over the 30 years, and we think we are pretty good at it.


We are now seeing trends of staff wanting to work from home, using their own PC's, we can support you and your staff in this new working shift. VPN's are dialing in are old technologies, let us show you things like direct access and remote work space.